My name is Cindy Lake and I am committed to making your voice heard on The Clark County Commission.

I believe Clark County government must use your tax dollars responsibly. It's YOUR money. The growing appetite of government must be checked. I will always vote with your best interest in mind, not for special interests.

Clark County has a 6.2 BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET and should be able to fund all County business without ever raising another tax or fee!!!

​As a resident of Clark County Commission G for 20 plus years, I know which issues are important and the representation you deserve.

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help me get elected!

Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, for Clark County.

Because, it's YOUR  money.


Cindy Lake for Clark County Commission G

  • ​​​​​I WILL: Oppose any attempt to take more of your income. It's YOUR money. Clark County already has a 6.2 Billion dollar budget. That's enough to pay for our public services and help those who genuinely need help.

  • I WILL: Work to eliminate the infringement of the Clark County "Blue Cards".  Why should you have to carry a Blue Card for your firearm when no one else in any other Nevada county has to? It costs us 2 million dollars per year and solves nothing. It's YOUR money.

  • I WILL: Encourage  job creation by introducing an ordinance for no county business license fees for 3 years for new and struggling businesses. It's YOUR money.

  • ​I WILL: Work to lower water rates and improve water quality. It's YOUR money.

  • I WILL: Find ways to reduce the size and scope of the county government. It's YOUR money.

  • ​I WILL: Work hard to reduce wasteful spending. It's YOUR money.

  • I WILL: Help save jobs  by discouraging county competition with private business.

  • I WILL: Fight to protect and defend the rights of the citizens of Clark County as guaranteed by the Nevada and United States Constitutions.

  • ​I WILL: Publicly post each and every one of my votes on the county and my own personal website.

  • ​I WILL: Always keep my promises...because it's YOUR money!

No veteran should ever be targeted to lose any of their rights including their Second Amendment rights.



Dr. Ron Paul

​"Cindy Lake has worked for years as a citizen to fight for limited government and more personal liberties. She has also been a great supporter of mine. I am proud to endorse Cindy Lake for the Clark County Commission in District G."

  • ​La Voce newspaper

  • Ross and Natasha Williams-Purveyors of 

          Jalisco Cantina


  • Mike McFadden NRCC and CCRCC member has this to say:​

​     "I really don't know her personally...But I have known her through CCRCC, and I believe she has integrity. In my opinion that is what is missing in most political people...I don't need 100% fidelity with all my thoughts from a candidate. I do need to believe I can trust them to do what they say, and to tell the truth about what they do. I think Cindy is like that, so I admire her. She also has a pleasant personality, she's friendly and seems to be upbeat and she smiles alot. In other words, she's likeable...I trust that she will work to restrain government and to protect my liberty. I can't ask for much more than that."

​because... It's YOUR money

Cindy Lake

for Clark County Commission District G